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Fly Fishing Lodges in France

Our fly-fishing travel agency in France offers ‘all inclusive’ fly-fishing packages that take place from two fishing lodges:


Historic 5-star hotel. Considered the most luxurious hotel in Chamonix. It has a restaurant with 1 Michelin Star.


Located next to the Les Ecrins National Park in the Alps and very close to the Côte d'Azur.

Location of Our Fly Fishing Lodges in France

We are pleased to introduce the prime locations of our esteemed fly fishing lodges in France:

Chamonix Operation Center:
Our inaugural operation center is nestled in Chamonix, within the stunning Haute Savoie region. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, nestled at the foothills of Mont Blanc, stands at the convergence point of the French, Swiss, and Italian borders.

Gap Lodge:
Our second lodge proudly resides in Gap, within the Hautes-Alpes region.

For your convenience, the accompanying graphic provides a visual depiction of the precise locations of our lodges on the French geographical map.

Fly Fishing Lodges in France

In the following two tables, we present you with information on travel times by both car and train. We would like to emphasize that we also provide a private transfer service for your convenience:

Operation Center Timetable
Fly fishing France Trains

Reasons to stay in one of our fishing lodges in France:

These lodges from where we conduct our fishing trips aren’t exclusive to fishermen. They’ve been selected as the headquarters of our complete fishing packages for the following reasons:

  • Exclusive service and personalized attention.
  • Located near the best fishing areas in the country.
  • Excellent gastronomy and wines.

As fishing guides, we’ve established a very close relationship and way of working with the owners of these lodges. They adapt meals to our fishing schedules and prepare picnics and coolers for the guided day; they have a special treatment with our guests and they value fishing as a tool for the socioeconomic development of the area.

Our goal is that you enjoy an unforgettable stay with our team.

France Lodging Packages:

From Fly Fishing France we have partnered with two privately owned hotels to offer ‘all-inclusive’ packages to fishermen visiting the French country; including the best accommodations offering one or more guided fishing days with our team of guides.

Fishermen who travel with us have the guarantee that they’ll be accommodated in top quality facilities with excellent meals and a top-quality fly-fishing guide service.

The accommodations don’t have private waters with restricted access, but their location is ideal to offer a wide variety of settings within a 1-hour radius from the hotel by car.

Join us at one of our France fly-fishing lodges and enjoy a unique French fly-fishing experience.

If you book the trip with us, you’ll enjoy an amazing tailormade fly-fishing trip!

enjoy a fly fishing trip in france

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