Fly Fishing Guides in France

Our team is made up of a select group of friends who have worked as guides for the last decade and has been created aiming to provide you with one of the best groups you’ve ever come across. Everyone in the team are professional guides who do this for a living, it’s not our second activity or job and we also aren’t college students with a summer job.

We believe that we’re a team of simple, kind, and friendly fly fishing guides who love fishing and nature. Axel and Bernard wanted to be fly fishing guides in the French Alps since they were very young. They completely know all the rivers in our work area!

This dream has now come true and we enjoy introducing fishermen from all over the world to the pristine French rivers and its beautiful trout. We passionately want to convey to you the best kept fishing secrets in France!

Who makes up the team?


Adrian is the creator and manager of this company. He has a degree in Environmental Sciences with a Master’s in Flora and Fauna Management. He was born in Spain, speaks French and has been a fisherman since he was 6 years old. At 38 years old, he has traveled the world practicing fly-fishing.

Adrian is the cornerstone of the project, all thanks to his previous knowledge in areas such as:

  • Online marketing.
  • Creation and organization of the largest fly-fishing trip company in Spain (Pyrenees Fly Fishing).
  • Conviction that the French Alps could be a unique destination for fishing tourism combined with activities for companions. Especially, this being a dream destination for couples.
  • Ability to coordinate and form a single operation in France.

This company wouldn’t be possible without the great team that we have formed together with Axel, Bernard, and Bastien.


Bernard Galliano is the guide coordinator and guide in Gap, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, with over 12 years of full-time experience in this profession. Born in December 1985, he has been a fishing enthusiast since childhood, dedicating himself to the art of fly fishing with a special focus on preserving native trout.
Operating in the stunning landscapes of the Hautes Alpes, Bernard and his brother Bastien love to fish the Guil River, the Drac river, the Durance river and all the rivers of the High Alps.. Their profound knowledge of the environment and fishing techniques allows them to provide unique experiences, especially using a combination of dry and nymph flies.
With over two decades of experience dedicated to fly fishing, Bernard Galliano has held the title of fishing guide since 2011. Since 2016, he and his brother have continued to work as passionate guides, eagerly sharing their knowledge and love for fishing with those who wish to explore the fascinating aquatic wonders of the region.


Axel Mugnier, a fly fishing guide in Chamonix, is a passionate angler hailing from Haute-Savoie. His decision to become a guide stemmed from his desire to share his love for fishing, combining his background in aquaculture with the goal of imparting knowledge. Axel offers fishing experiences in rivers and mountain lakes, showcasing the beauty of the Alps. Additionally, he founded the Mont Blanc Fishing School and arranges fishing trips abroad. Axel underscores the importance of adapting to anglers, emphasizing that guiding goes beyond teaching techniques to create positive memories. He envisions a promising future for guiding in France and advises aspiring guides to manage their businesses comprehensively. Personally, his dream involves backpacking through destinations like New Zealand or Patagonia, blending his passion for fishing and hiking.


To be able to be a fishing guide in France you need to have a certification, liability and casualty insurance and be registered as a company. In addition, to offer packages with accommodations, transfers, and guided services, we have established ourselves as a travel agency.

As a fisherman, it’s very important that you make sure you hire a legally constituted fishing guide like ours.

Professionals who want to work as fishing guides must have the recreational fishing guide-instructor certificate issued by the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Agriculture. Or, where appropriate, a certificate that shows that you have carried out this activity before the year 2003.

Currently many of the fishing guides in France have joined in a professional trade union organization (SMPGF) aiming to promote, develop and defend their profession. This union was created in 2019 and comprised of over 2,000 professionals.

For all these reasons, fishing with a fly-fishing guide in France is a regulated activity including guarantees.

Fly fishing in France


Should I hire a fly fishing guide on my trip to France? This is the question that many fishermen ask themselves when organizing their trip to the country of love.

In the following 4 points below, we explain the reasons why we advise you to hire a fly-fishing guide in France:

  • Your leisure time is valuable: the fly-fishing guides in France are professionals. We’ll take make sure to choose the very best fishing area, advise you with the flies, techniques to use…in short, we’ll help you catch more fish.
  • You’ll live a unique experience: we’ll take you to places of great beauty, prepare you an excellent lunch near the river, show you places where others don’t fish, and you’ll have fun with our stories and funny jokes.
  • River safety: Many rivers in France containing trout are remote and rugged locations. Others have whitewater or regulated by reservoirs. Fishing guides know the risks of each river and we avoid exposing ourselves to them. We help you cross the stream and we also have first aid training.
  • We improve and adapt your fly-fishing skills: the fishing guides are good communicators, patient, and we like to teach. We’ll help you improve your technique or adapt it to fishing in a totally new destination for you. Remember that trout have very different behaviors depending on the country, time of the year, and setting.
Fly fishing in France